Collection: Baby Comforters & Taggies

Choose a baby comforter or taggie blanket from our handpicked collection  to help baby feel safe. Often young babies can develop an attachment with their comfort blankets providing them with a sense of security and aiding sleep. Baby comforters and taggies are soft, warm and cuddly so feels soothing against a babies skin. Pretty soon it will a smell familiar and its presence instantly provides comfort. Babies build a very useful sleep association with the comforter, which tells them its bedtime. It can resettle them during the night…therefore helping them sleep throughout. We can offer embroidery on some of our comforters to make them special treasures. 

Babies learn about the environment around them through play and by the use of their five senses, this helps in developing an understanding of the world and their role within it. Early years provides baby with the  foundation for further growth and development. A baby learns best by actively engaging with their environment by exploring and experimenting with objects, materials and different textures. This makes our soft comforters and taggies perfect for a young baby to explore through play.