Collection: Baby Sensory Toys

Our baby sensory toys offer curious little minds the opportunity to develop, through play and to learn and grwo.  Sensory toys for babies provides both fun and vital brain stimulation.  Babies are born with a brain packed full of neurons. Learning about their world through their five different senses helps babies to develop pathways between these neurons. The more of one type of experience your little one has, the stronger that pathway becomes. Sensory play builds these nerve connections in the brain’s pathways, which lead to your child’s ability to complete more complex learning tasks as they continue to grow.. Our newborn sensory toys help to build your babies early skills. Sensory toys for newborns encourage babies to start engaging their sense of sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch and helping them reach their developmental milestones.

Early years learning is a vital foundation for further growth and development over time. A baby learns best by being actively engaged with their environment by exploring and experimenting with objects, materials and different textures. Browse our sensory baby toys and baby sensory gifts which we are sure you will love to help your baby play and explore.